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★動画 Kooyong Preview(クーヨン記者会見)
(「Federer pumps Hewitt's tyres」より)

★動画 Stars arrive at Kooyong

★動画 Rain Hampers Heineken Open


★写真集 Tennis show hits town (クーヨン)

Nalbandian starter, Federer ready
キーファーの欠場理由: 体の具合はもう良いようだけど、半年プレイしてないから全豪に出るには準備不足・・・ということらしい。
"It makes no sense to take part in a grand slam tournament after a half-year's break and without proper preparation," (Sidelined since the French Open in June, the German baseliner had surgery in July and October and had hoped to resume at Rod Laver Arena.)

ローチ(フェデラーのコーチ): "It could be a very hot Open and the weather over in Doha has been very cold and windy apparently, so the conditions haven't been very good.(今年のドーハは寒かったから灼熱の全豪に備えるには向いていなかった)
ドーハに出なかったのはアピアランス・フィーについて合意に達しなかったからだろう、という話もあり。(Qatar rebuffs Federer's agents
A disagreement over appearance money is the probable reason for Federer's absence from the $1.1m (£600,000) tournament, which in previous years is reputed to have dished out half that amount again to get him. (中略) This view may have chimed with the Qatar organisers, quoted as having been "unable to reach agreement" with IMG, Federer's agents.

Love in the air for top three
ロディック: 「彼(コナーズ)はテニスをやさしいものにしてくれた。僕は自分でテニスを難しくしてたんだ。」
Asked if Connors had made tennis harder, Roddick replied: "He's made it easier. I was making it harder on myself. It's a lot of fun."
サフィン(コーチが年がら年中帯同しないことについて): 「年がら年中一緒だと、おたがいが鼻についてくるかもしれないじゃないか。コーチとそういう問題をおこしたくないんだ。」
"Otherwise we can get tired from each other and I don't want to have this kind of problem with the coach,"

Federer and Roddick have bad news for Hewitt

Truant superstars served notice that they are cheating the fans
"So we are going to be asking and expecting more of our stars. We shall be introducing significantly tighter withdrawal rules for 2007 and 2008 and they will be tougher the following year. Making a commitment should be just that, not an option. But the rewards will be there — no more back-to-back Masters, no more five-set finals, more prize-money, bonus pools and enhanced player promotion."

Nadal realistic about Federer challenge
ナダル: 「僕はただ自分のゲームを向上させようとしてるんだ。特にクレイ以外のサーフェスでより良いプレイが出来るような部分を。」
"I am only trying to improve my game, and specifically those parts of my game that will help me play better on surfaces other than clay,"
"My goal is to keep improving on all surfaces since I am still very young and if the titles come that would be great."

Across The Net: Nadal’s Two Paths for 2007
Nadal is good enough on clay to hold his #2 ranking. The problem is that many men in the locker room may not be as intimidated by Nadal as they were even a year ago. If a player does not believe he can beat Nadal or Federer, he is likely to lose. Players that lose their fear of Nadal are likely to make every match he plays more difficult.
Rafael Nadal can simplify all of this by winning in Melbourne and continuing a more organic development of his game. Of course winning the Australian Open is not so easy. Nadal will have to win 7 three out of five set matches in the Australian heat and on a punishing surface. Still that seems less difficult than reinventing a game that has been forged over thousands of hours. If Nadal can impose his iron will on those hard courts, he is almost a co-favorite with Roger Federer because the surface and climate suit his game so well. If Nadal plays with a crisis of confidence, his results will likely be along the lines of the previous few months. Spain's Raging Bull may be at a moment of truth, but like his Davis Cup performance in 2004 Nadal will likely show he has the goods to be at the top of the tennis world.

SAP OPEN MEDIA CONFERENCE ロディック・インタビュー(1月8日)

ANDY RODDICK: I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with Andre when I was about 17 on his plane. I was just asking him questions, probably being really annoying. I asked him what his biggest regret was. He said that he didn't start his foundation early enough. It really surprised me, made an impression on me. I started mine the next year.

Q. Are you hoping to get an early shot at him(フェデラー) this year in Australia?
ANDY RODDICK: Well, yeah, I mean, I've made it clear that I'd love to play him as many times as possible. Also that means that I'm deep in a tournament. That's a good thing, as well (laughter).

Q. Seriously, though, hasn't won a title since the French. On hard courts, he hasn't been producing the same results.
ANDY RODDICK: You don't want to hear what I have to say.
No, dude, he's still winning matches. He's not losing first rounds. The guy made the semis of Masters on a hard court, on a fast indoor court. I'm sure he thinks he could play a little bit better. To say the guy's struggling, I mean, look at his age, with everything that he's accomplished. I mean, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.


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ナル出ないんですか? ・・ラファ共々、大事をとってのことだといいんですけど。

え、出せないんですか? そんなにビンボーだとは思いませんでした。・・・日本ではテニスは儲からないそうですから仕方ないのかな。



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え、そうなのですか? 絶対服従???

2005年、地元ブエノスアイレスの週になぜかガトがマルセイユにエントリーしてたんです。(ブエノスはお金がないので、エージェントが人並みのアピアランスフィーを出すマルセイユと話を決めたんだと思います。) で、直前になってそれを知った【お家大好きガト】は、(何をどうしたのかは知りませんが)マルセイユを蹴ってブエノスアイレスに出ました。


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...he looks back and decides that all those years he suffered, those are the best years of his life, cause they made him who he was. 
(From a film Little Miss Sunshine)